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Gift Guide of the Best Kitchen-themed Housewarming Gifts for Delivery

Are you looking for the perfect kitchen-themed luxury housewarming gift to send to a friend or family member? Whether it’s an apartment, condo, house, or even townhome, you want to make sure your housewarming gift box reflects your appreciation of their hard work and dedication in finally finding a place to call their own. Consider giving them something that can provide a touch of luxury to their kitchen while offering your congratulations.

No housewarming is finished without the perfect new home gift box! Everyone loves a thoughtful present that's both useful and beautiful. When it comes to distinct kitchen-themed gifts, endless options can make selecting just one piece challenging. Our expertly curated list of luxury housewarming gifts will ensure that your loved ones are feeling right at home in their newly purchased abode with items that add a touch of style — and practicality — to any kitchen. Whether you're celebrating the moving of a close family member, best friend, or colleague, we've put together this guide featuring the best items for delivery that would serve as timeless additions to any kitchen décor - from stylish cookware to decorative accents! With these fantastic presents in hand, you'll be sure your loved ones will feel welcomed into their new environment. Check out our detailed gift guide below outlining some of the best kitchen-themed housewarming gifts available for delivery.

Maure's Exotic Wood Collection

Maure’s large wooden cooking spoon and wooden spatula, hand carved from exotic Guatemalan wood, are perfect additions to any kitchen gift set. The use of exotic wood makes these pieces luxurious while still being practical. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are also durable and resistant to heat, making them ideal for everyday use in the kitchen. They will add a small touch of class where it matters most without taking up much space in a kitchen drawer.


Exotic Wood Cheese Board Set

Give the ultimate luxury experience with our exotic wood cheese board set! This special package is sure to make anyone feel like royalty when they unpack it in their new home. The hand-crafted items within will add warmth and charm while keeping their kitchen looking beautiful and organized. Whether you’re buying this as a luxury housewarming gift to give in person or having it delivered from afar, you won’t regret adding this luxurious collection of kitchen essentials into their life.


Exotic Wood Charcuterie Set

The next item to consider is an artisanal charcuterie board and knife set that adds an artistic touch to any new homeowner’s kitchen essentials collection. The unique design of this board makes it perfect for adding a bit of flair to any home gathering or event. Handmade in Guatemala, each piece is polished with beeswax and is food safe so that it can be used over and over again when entertaining guests or simply snacking on cheese and crackers after dinner.


Dinner Party Checklist:

Give the gift of a housewarming celebration with Maure's Dinner Party Box. Our custom horn serving dishes, handmade cheese boards, and adorable pewter rabbit salt & pepper shakers will bring excitement to any gathering as they mark this important milestone. Help say "Congratulations" on their new place while adding warmth to every memory made there! It also makes for a unique thank you gift for all of the hosting they will be doing. Surprise them in style and celebrate their new home remotely by sending luxurious items that create an unforgettable evening.

Our dinner party box includes:
• Wooden Cheese Board: A hand-crafted natural wooden cheese board to impress guests
• Rabbit Salt & Pepper Shakers: Charming set of rabbit-shaped spice shakers crafted
• Travel Speaker: Small portable speaker to bring the party to life
• Figuera Linen Spray: Fabric-safe fragrance with notes of fig, cedarwood, and
• House Blend Coffee: Lone Oak’s award-winning house blend
• Horn Boat Dish: Hand-carved Indian buffalo horn dish sure to impress guests
• Rosemary Forest Candle: Delightfully scented candle to set the mood
• Matches: Designer matches to pair with her candle of choice
The Nomad Cocktail Book: Get the party started with one of these unique cocktail
• Pheasant Picks: Hors d'oeuvres serving picks with an eclectic design
• Beige Hand Towel: High-absorbancy, lightweight hand towel to keep things prim and
• Buffalo Horn Tea Light: Unique buffalo horn tea light votive to add a touch of luxury


Turkish Cotton Hand Towels

Another must-have item for any luxury gift set of kitchen essentials is a Turkish cotton hand towel. Famous for their absorbency and softness, these towels come directly from a family-owned business with skilled weavers in Turkey. Hand-loomed out of 100% Turkish cotton with natural dyes. These towels are an excellent addition to any congratulations gift box for someone’s new home kitchen.


Hand Crafted Kitchen Sets

Congratulate a dear one on their new home with a luxury gift box of kitchen-themed housewarming gifts. Give them a luxury housewarming gift with a touch of warmth and sophistication. Our collection includes an exquisite bonsai green hobnail jug & bowl set, handmade from crystal glass for an eye-catching tablescape. We also have a gorgeously crafted horn spoons & pinch bowl set, delicately designed with upcycled clay and 24K gold rim detailing. Give the perfect luxury housewarming gift without ever having to leave the house – have it delivered right to your loved one's door.


Italian Leather Placemat Set

The last item on our list is a leather placemat set which adds sleek beauty to any dining table setting. These placemats have been designed with both form and function in mind. The smooth leather creates an elegant backdrop for your dinnerware and provides the perfect spot for meals or snacks at any time of day. The classic terracotta coloring looks great while protecting surfaces from spills and other messes during meals or parties!

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