Hand-crafted Gifts:

for the Unique People on Your Shopping List

We all have those people on our holiday list that are impossible to shop for. What could you get them when they seem to have everything? Sometimes you need to splurge a little on a memorable gift for your loved ones. If you want to leave an impression and show how much you care, gift cards aren’t going to cut it. 

That’s the magic of our collection of luxury, hand-crafted gifts from around the world. These items are one-of-a-kind, so you’ll never have to worry about that awkward “double gifting” moment again. Check out our official gift guide to snag some memorable and unique luxury gifts, from elegant ceramics to sleek leather goods; a Maure gift will have everyone asking ‘Where did you get that?” 

Underlay Blue Smoke Hobnail Jug & Bowl Set

The holidays are all about bringing people together! It’s the one time of year that family and friends join together and catch up over a delicious meal. Why not give a gift that will be the center of attention at this year’s festivities with the Underlay underlay blue smoke hobnail jug & bowl set

This gorgeous blue crystal set is crafted out of hand-blown glass. It features hobnail detailing that reflects the light in a mesmerizing way. The deep blue color is easy to match with other dinnerware, and the intricate hand-crafted detailing gives off a sentimental quality akin to an antique heirloom passed down through the generations. 

Large & Small African Leather Fans

Is anyone on your holiday list planning the perfect winter getaway to a sunny destination? We’ve got the perfect gift to show them you care and that they can put to good use! 

Our hand-crafted African leather fans feature a durable leather handle and a printed cotton panel with eye-catching designs. Made in partnership with the AGOWA Cooperative, these unique gifts are produced by a collective of talented women in West Africa. By purchasing one of these beautiful fans, you will be helping support female creators to preserve traditional handicrafts. 

Fans are available in an assortment of colors and can be purchased in either large or small sizes. 

Stone Bud Vase

Pay homage to the wonders of Mother Earth with this handmade stone bud vase. Its relatively small size makes it easy to fit anywhere, and the timeless simplicity isn’t bound by the seasons, making it a fantastic hand-crafted gift for any occasion. The matte cream color will match nicely in any room and compliments a variety of interior design styles. The vase can be filled with real or artificial flower arrangements to match the season. Another perk is that it is easy to clean and will never discolor, unlike cheaper plastic vases.

Miho Unexpected Beetles & Butterflies

Some notoriously hard-to-buy people on our list are our friends and family with eclectic tastes. With such diverse preferences, knowing what they would like is challenging. Add some flair to their decor with one of these unique pieces from Miho Unexpected. 

The Charlie I beetle with hidden mirror and Abigail I butterfly with hidden storage are intricately designed pieces of decor made in Germany. These brightly-colored and imaginative gifts mount on the wall and surprisingly transform into mirrors that even feature hidden storage compartments. Although some assembly is required, this could be a fun activity for the whole family and can make a fun addition to any children’s room as well. 

Porcelain Votive Holder 

Accentuate the magical holiday sparkle or the gleam in a loved one’s eye by giving them a unique gift this holiday season. Designer Fernanda Uribe’s porcelain votive holder is sure to impress even the pickiest people on your list. This delicate porcelain votive is inspired by the rippling sea. It features a magnificent 24k gold rim detail that exudes elegance and luxury taste. When lit, the flickering candlelight will glimmer off the opaque porcelain and gold detailing, creating a gorgeous illumination. 

Horn Spoons & Pinch Bowl Set

Crafted from exotic water buffalo horns, this elegant set of spoons and pinch bowls is one of the most unique hand-crafted gifts on the market. Perfect for use as spice containers, the pinch bowls are made from up-cycled clay and glass, making them a far more sustainable option than lower-quality plastic products. The spoons themselves are hand-carved from water buffalo horns and are smooth and lightweight. Whether gifting to a passionate cook or a loved one with eclectic taste, this set will surely bring smiles to their faces. 

Ceramic Incense Holder

Peppermint, sugar cookies, and evergreen are the uncontested scents of the holidays. Why not give the gift of olfactory enjoyment year-round with one of these hand-painted ceramic incense holder

Designed by Brooklyn-based artist Fernanda Uribe these holders are hand-sculpted from upcycled clay, making each piece a completely unique gift sure to impress any hard-to-shop-for people on your list. 

Leather Cocktail Shaker & Measuring Cup

There’s no better way to celebrate the festive season than with a delectable holiday cocktail. Our leather cocktail shaker & measuring cup are hand-crafted with a classy, timeless appearance. The shaker and accompanying measuring cup are high-quality stainless steel smooth red leather. Made by artisans in Paraguay, this is the perfect hand-crafted gift sure to become a hallmark of celebrations for years to come. 

  • Leather Wine Tote

    Where chic design meets a good time -  everyone loves a bottle of wine! Well, good news now you can carry your favorite bottle in style. This leather wine tote is the ideal gift for almost everyone on your list. The polished Italian red leather is classy and timeless, while the durable construction and handles make it a practical addition to any household. It can also be paired with our  leather coaster set for a perfect gift box. 

  • Leather Coaster Set

    To complement the leather cocktail shaker, consider adding another unique gift to your arrangement with this sleek leather coaster set. This two-coaster set is hand-crafted by Italian leather smiths and is available in burgundy or black colors. Designed to be both luxurious and functional, the coasters are made to be long-lasting and durable. With a signature “Maure” seal, your loved one will never forget this thoughtful, hand-crafted gift.