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Maureen Cavalieri grew up on Long Island surrounded by nature and always in the presence of an animal. Whether it be her horse, Rascal, her pet rabbit, Rascal, or her 17-year-old dachshund named, you guessed it, Rascal! After a brief stint on Wall Street, she set out to find her passion and graduated from The Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in 2009. After several years as head chef at Urban Zen and as Donna Karan's private chef, she decided to focus on her cooking company. This was when she became the go-to for musicians, artists, heads of state, and more.

Mo’s love of traveling grew as she began guest cheffing in a different country each summer and cooking at wellness retreats in the Mediterranean. These exotic locations have influenced her cooking and way of life. During her travels, she would inevitably seek out the most perfect creations for her friends and family. Through seeking out gifts she found and befriended artisans who are experts in their craft. And now, she’s bringing those delightful gifts to you.  Maure is the next chapter in spreading Maure joy, Maure love, and Maure positivity into the world, one thoughtful gift at a time.

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