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Leather Placemat Set - Curated Housewarming Gifts

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With a timeless style, the leather placemat set from Maure is sure to be the perfect addition to any housewarming gift box. Available in sets of two, these Italian-made placemats make an excellent realtor gift for clients as they are some of the highest-quality leather home goods on the market. With a sleek design stamped with the Maure crest to its finely crafted detail, these leather placemats embody tastefulness yet offer durability to withstand daily use.


13" W x 18" L



Care Guide

Gently wipe down with damp cloth to clean.

Give the Gift of Warmth

The perfect touch to any decor style, these placemats are a luxurious addition to any home. They are a beautiful statement piece at special gatherings around the table or in an everyday dining experience. Abounding with class and an extemporary edge, it oozes sophistication yet remains effortless when summoning roots of tradition and nostalgia. Our founder, and celebrity chef, Maureen Cavalieri, was responsible for designing these pieces as part of our custom collection of gifts for real estate clients. These placemats are imbued with Cavalieri’s passion for the kitchen and travel, making an excellent closing gift for real estate clients. These placemats serve perfectly as a luxury closing gift when it comes to providing clients with a thoughtful housewarming present. Showcasing elegance and quality, they’re just right to include in a curated box of other Maure products for an impressive touch. For those looking for something extraordinary, look no further than our leather placemat set as part of a housewarming gift box!

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