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Discover the Essence of Luxury with Maure. Our world is a carefully curated gallery of luxury home decor, artisanal gifts, and exquisite lifestyle essentials. Each piece in our collection is a narrative of elegance and sophistication, selected for those who seek beauty in every facet of life. From bespoke kitchenware to opulent home fragrances, Maure is where discerning tastes meet the pinnacle of sustainable luxury. Step into our sanctuary of exclusivity and let your senses revel in our handpicked, globally-sourced treasures.

Corporate Gifting
with a Touch of Elegance

Maure specializes in premium corporate gift solutions that embody elegance and thoughtfulness. Our selection of custom corporate gifts is perfect for client appreciation, executive milestones, and employee recognition. Experience the joy of gifting with our range of luxury office accessories and bespoke home decor pieces. Let us help you create an unforgettable impression with our tailor-made gifting services designed for the discerning business.

Craft Your Corporate Elegance

Embark on a Voyage to Uncover Your Perfect Gift

Step into a world where every gift is a treasure waiting to be discovered. Our meticulously crafted quiz is a gateway to uncovering the sublime — a journey tailored to your unique desires and the unspoken wishes of those you cherish. Allow us to guide you through an enchanted garden of choices, each question a petal unfurling to reveal hand-picked wonders. Immerse yourself in this sensorial expedition, and let us unveil the perfect offering that speaks not just to the mind, but to the heart.

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As a celebrated NYC chef, Maureen Cavalieri would craft meals that transcended dining to evoke an immersive culinary experience. Now she invites you to share her other passion for giving and giving back. That’s why she created a place where elevated gifting comes with a promise. As you explore unique treasures and curious articles from around the globe, know that each one comes  with a pledge to support charities that touch lives and leave the community better, brighter, and a more compassionate place.



At Maure, our core commitment is to sustainability and ethics. We believe in the right of all individuals to fair wages, respect, and empowerment. Our journey has been dedicated to finding partners who share these values, allowing us to offer opulent, ethically sourced gifts through carbon-conscious practices. Sustainability is ingrained in everything we do, from operations to partnerships, ensuring that our offerings reflect both luxury and responsibility. As you explore Maure, you'll see our dedication to sustainability in every product and story we share. Join us in this journey where luxury and conscience go hand in hand, knowing that every purchase respects both people and the planet. Welcome to a world where opulence and responsibility harmonize seamlessly.

Testaments of Delight

What a beautiful store with tastefully curated products. I love the unique story behind each item, and how the brand highlights and supports the artisans and their small businesses. This is truly conscious giving that benefits not only the recipients but the creators who birthed these beautiful pieces.

Peggy C.

Such a stunning space with beautiful and unique items you'll want to gift and keep for yourself. Highly recommend checking out the store.

Kristen T.

I have fallen in love with this remarkable exquisite line that so thoughtfully curates design with a sense of sustainability. Just gorgeous gifts and things you want to keep for yourself too!

Camilla W.

Love my MAURE gift box. The curation of products is wonderful. I find all the products are quality, tasteful, luxurious home accents.


These gifts are so well curated and created with such attention to detail. Perfect gifts…


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