Closing Gift Guide for VIP Clients:

Luxury Gifts for Home

Providing buyers and sellers with a memorable closing experience is essential to real estate success. Real estate agents know that their relationships with clients can be life-long, so it's important to ensure they have a fantastic experience from beginning to end. As an agent, you know that providing excellent customer service isn’t just about showing clients around different homes and negotiating the best deal. It's also about going the extra mile for your most important customers—your VIPs—by giving them something special — like a thoughtful closing gift to celebrate their new home purchase.

As a real estate agent, showing appreciation to your clients after a successful closing can go a long way in cementing the relationship between you two. One of the most effective ways to show gratitude is through a luxury gift box that will make them feel appreciated for their trust in you during such an important transaction. We've curated our favorite premium closing gifts so you can be sure to offer an unforgettable experience that lets your clients know just how valuable they are! If you’re looking for luxury gifts for home to show appreciation, this guide will surely provide some inspiration! Our selection of real estate client gifts is perfect for welcoming VIPs into their new homes with style and sophistication. Continue reading the guide below to get inspired!

Stone Bud Vase

Indulge in the stunning beauty of our planet each day with the handcrafted stone bud vase — the ideal luxury client gift for real estate clients. Bring life into any new living space with its petite size and timeless cream hue; it pairs perfectly with traditional or modern decor pieces. Plus, with its dainty form, it can provide a muted ambiance to maintain an impressive aesthetic throughout all seasons. Help them impress guests with eye-catching flower designs arranged with living or faux flowers. Including this in your curated gift box helps blend natural and luxurious materials, sure to bestow a lingering joy on the recipients —all whilst avoiding cheaper plastic alternatives that fall far behind in design and durability.

Horn Spoons & Pinch Bowl Set

This exquisite horn spoons & pinch bowl set is the perfect luxury client gift for real estate agents. Carefully designed to the highest standards, the bowls have been crafted using upcycled clay and then delicately finished off with stunning 24K gold rim detailing, while the spoons are carved from authentic water buffalo horns. It is sure to make an extraordinary impression on all recipients by combining subtle elegance with eye-catching detail. Such dedication mirrored in the fine details will make this gesture unforgettable, etching it into their heart and mind for years to come. Make an unequivocal statement of quality and thoughtfulness with this incredible luxury gift for home.

Making Your Clients House a Home:

As a real estate agent, you know that the key to a successful home closing is building relationships. You also understand that the perfect gift box set will show your appreciation for your VIP clients and leave them with a lasting impression. With this in mind, we’ve put together a curated collection of items that evoke the scents of home. Buy one or the whole set to make a thoughtful closing gift box set for your clients.

Ceramic Incense Holder

We begin with designer Fernanda Uribes ceramic incense holder. This upcycled clay vessel is perfect for burning incense and creating an inviting aroma in any room. Hand-sculpted and hand-painted by our favorite Brooklyn-based visual artist Uribe’s unique style is showcased in every piece. The timeless aura of the piece means it can be statement piece of decor when not in use. To go along with it, we suggest adding a pack of forest floor incense. With prominent notes of oakmoss, vanilla, cedarwood and amber this is a woodsy incense that can help make a house a home by helping create a cozy atmosphere.

Porcelain Votive Holder

Brighten up your clients lives with a glittering porcelain votive holder. These beautiful porcelain votives are handmade by Fernanda Uribe and feature striking 24k gold detailing. Inspired by the swelling motions of the sea, these votives add an element of beauty to any space. For the perfect pairing, we suggest our adding one of our Casa Posta candles in the scent of your choice to make a complete luxury gift for home.

HAKO Paper Incense Sets

Finally, check out the elegant HA KO Paper Incense Sets from Morihata. Choose from the Sleep Set which contains six leaflets of lavender scents for promoting better relaxation and a calming effect. Or choose the Japanese Springtime Set which highlights the floral smells inspired by Japan's cherry blossom season.

The unique HA KO design was perfected over five years of research by one of Japan’s oldest traditional incense makers. Each leaflet burns for about seven minutes or can be left as air fresheners for up to 3 months. All told one of these delecitble sets is a unique thank you gift that clients are sure to appreciate.

Our Scents of Home collection is filled with thoughtful gifts that will make your clients feel welcome in their new home. Whether you choose one item from the collection or combine several into one special package, you can be sure that your clients will remember your thoughtfulness long after they’ve moved in with one of these real estate client gifts.