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Lava Rock Diffuser Kit - Luxury Client Gift

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The Lava Rock Diffuser Kit is the perfect luxury client gift to celebrate a real estate closing sale. The breathtaking views and aromas of the Canary Islands inspire this timeless and elegant creation. It features four separate scents – Oakmoss, Jasmine, Neroli, and Fig – that can be mixed or matched to create any desired fragrance for a new home. Ideal for inclusion in a set of closing gifts, this diffuser brings a sense of nature and beauty to any home.


4.1" W x 4.6" L x 2.1" H


Glass and lava rock
Contains: fig oil, oakmoss oil, neroli oil, jasmine oil

Care Guide

Product Disclaimer

Safety Disclaimer

Store out of the reach of pets and children. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. Do not ingest. Use in a well-ventilated area.
Appearance Disclaimers: These diffusers utilize natural lava rock which may vary in shape and color. The glass bottle is hand-blown and will naturally vary in shape.

Give the Gift of Sent

The diffuser itself is handcrafted from natural lava rock in shades of volcanic black and grey to give a home a touch of nature’s beauty. Our Lava Rock Diffuser Kit is carefully crafted from naturally derived oils blended into a liquid solution poured into one-of-a-kind volcanic rock vessels. The simple yet sophisticated design is not one to be overlooked. It will instantly become the centerpiece in a curated box of gifts for real estate clients. Clients will love the unique design of these lava rocks that soak up essential oils for hours on end, allowing them to enjoy the aromas of their chosen fragrance without having to worry about refills or battery life. This diffuser kit offers an effortless way to safely fill any room with delightful scents that will bring a feeling of calmness and bliss after a long day at work or an evening at home with family and friends. Make clients feel appreciated when they receive this Lava Rock Diffuser Kit as a luxury real estate gift for their home closing.