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Horn Spoons & Pinch Bowl Set

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Designed with upcycled clay, glass, and 24K gold, our pinch bowls make the perfect pair for our mini horn spoons. Our horn spoons are expertly crafted from water buffalo horns.



Spoons: Water Buffalo Horn
Pinch Bowls: Clay, Recycle Glass, and 24K gold

Care Guide

Horn Spoons: Hand wash with mild soap. Avoid high temperatures and harsh abrasives to preserve best condition. Non-dishwasher safe. Avoid chemicals. For indoor use only, keep out of direct sun.
Pinch Bowls: Wash surface with warm and soapy water. Hand wash only. Non-dishwasher safe.

Product Disclaimer

Horn Spoons: Each horn piece is completely one-of-a-kind. Crafted from repurposed water buffalo horn, the shape, size, texture, as well as color and pattern will vary from piece to piece ranging from translucent, pale yellows to deep, solid blacks.
Pinch Bowl: All of our ceramics are sculpted and painted by hand and intentionally organic in shape. Each item is completely unique and naturally varies in size, color, shape, and texture.

Safety Disclaimer

Designed with food-safe glaze.