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Ladies Luncheon On The Grass - Luxury Gift Sets for Her

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Ladies Luncheon On The Grass - Luxury Gift Sets for Her

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Decorative and functional, the Bonsai Green Pitcher serves multiple purposes - when filled with an icy beverage, it adds to festivities while also making an eye-catching vase for flowers. The classic green glass is an attractive centerpiece that beautifully reflects the light and captures attention. The lightweight linen tea towel brings an air of sophistication and warmth making one feel at home.

Similarly, the birchwood tray's natural beauty will add a stylish touch to even the simplest occasion while ensuring all food, drink and accompaniments are ready on hand when needed. Its delicate pink floral design makes it a wonderful item for a congratulations gift box for a lovely lady with a green thumb. For an even better gift set for her, pair this set with Maure’s Gardening Gift Box.

Thoughtful and stunningly crafted, this luxury gift set for her is an excellent retirement gift for ladies that she will enjoy for years to come. Delve into unparalleled luxury with our exclusive Ladies Luncheon On The Grass Set Luxury Gift Set for Her.

Care Guide

Jug: This product is dishwasher safe but is recommended to gently hand wash and dry.
Tray: Can be used with food, Dishwasher friendly
Towel: Machine washable at 104 F, Hot iron

Product Disclaimer

Jug: Handmade glass may contain bubbles and shades may vary due to the manufacturing process. Any minor imperfections are evidences of its handmade nature.

Safety Disclaimer

Tray: Protective melamine coating

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