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Bonsai Green Hobnail Jug & Bowl Set

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Give the gift of a suburb statement piece set at any gathering with this hand made crystal glass bowl and jug set. The exquisite green hue of this hobnail design will make any tablescape look breathtaking. 


Hobnail Bowl:
Volume: 2600 ml • 88 oz

Diameter: 23 cm • 9.3 in

Height: 9 cm • 3.5 in

Weight: 1 kg • 2.2 lbs

Hobnail Jug:
Volume: 2000 ml • 67.6 oz

Diameter: 20 cm • 7.9 in

Height: 22 cm • 8.7 in

Weight: 2 kg • 4.4lbs



Care Guide

This product is dishwasher safe but is recommended to gently hand wash and dry.

Product Disclaimer

Handmade glass may contain bubbles and shades may vary due to the manufacturing process. Any minor imperfections are evidences of its handmade nature.

Safety Disclaimer