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Don't Just Sit There! by Biet Simkin

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Get your hands on the signed copy of Biet Simkin's "Don't Just There!" Guided meditation novel paired with one of our recycled vegan leather bookmarks. Give the gift of mindfulness and mediation to your loved ones. 

Put mindfulness in the palm of their hand with Don't Just Sit There! With a vegan leather bookmark and a book full of meditative practices, they'll be able to find relaxation anywhere. Give the convenience of portability and the lasting effects of habitual mindfulness.



Book: Paper
Bookmark: Recycled Rubber

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About Biet Simkin's Book, "Don't Just Sit There!"

Biet Simkin knows from personal experience that finding your way to transformation and mindfulness isn’t always easy. Drawing on hard-won wisdom from her journey through addiction, personal tragedy, and the New York rock-n-roll scene, Biet shares the guidance you’ll need to move from meltdowns to miracles.

Don’t Just Sit There! is a guidebook that will empower you to dive into meditation by helping you work through the not-so-peaceful side of achieving peace. With insights on forty-four laws of human experience, it provides week-by-week instructions to process each one. From the Law of Focus to the Law of Desire, these aspects of spiritual life can become obstacles without the tools to properly face them.

Experienced and novice meditators alike can benefit from Biet’s frank, freeing advice on how to establish a lifelong practice in an often chaotic modern world. By confronting the disruptive quality of spiritual life, you can motivate yourself to realize the meditative practice of your dreams.