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JungleVine® Back Scrubber

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The JungleVine® Back Scrubber works as a scrubber in the shower or a back scratcher when dry. It will be the last back scrubber you ever have to buy, because durable and naturally anti-bacterial JungleVine® cloth lasts. After use in the shower, hang and allow to air dry. All JungleVine® Eco-Friendly Products are handmade in remote villages in Laos. As they have done for thousands of years, the Khmu people harvest stems from a wild-growing vine to get JungleVine® Fiber that they use for making exfoliation products and tote bags. JungleVine® Fiber Products are carbon neutral, vegan, and plastic-free. They're a socially responsible purchase, because every piece you buy directly benefits the artisan who hand-crafted it.


Every piece is handmade and no two are exactly alike. Dimensions are roughly 75 cm (30") long, not including the length added by the handles, and 16 cm (6") wide.


Indigenous Khmu artisans gather JungleVine® (Pueraria phaseoloides) from the forests around their villages, strip the pulp from the fibers, spin them by hand and tie them into bags. JungleVine® grows without cultivation, irrigation, or chemicals. It improves the soil where it grows and purifies the air, making it beneficial to the planet at large. Nature Bags are the most eco-friendly bags on Earth. Pahk bags feature undyed JungleVine® fiber in natural rich earth tones.

Pahk bags, unlike most other Nature Bags, come in a broader range between fine weave and coarse weave. Finer weaves look delicate but are extremely strong. JungleVine® fiber, whether spun fine or coarse by Nature Bag artisans, is remarkably durable and stretchy.

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