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Luxury Gifts Under $500

The Art of Gifting on a Budget

Welcome to Maure, where opulence meets accessibility. We've curated a collection of exquisite gifts under $500 that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. From elegant home decor to tasteful accessories, each item is a testament to our commitment to providing the finest in luxury gifting. Whether searching for the perfect present for a discerning friend, a beloved family member, or even to treat yourself, our selection offers a range of options that combine sophistication and uniqueness. Discover the art of gifting with Maure, where luxury knows no bounds.

Featured | Game Night Box: $350

Welcome Home Box: $450

Open arms and warm hearts  - conjure these feelings of love with the Welcome Home Luxury Gift Box. Ranging from distinctive aromatherapy choices like the renowned Lava Rock Diffuser Kit to captivating linen spray fragrances and extending to everyday practicality with sets of recycled leather coasters and coffee – this box has it all for under $500.

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Dinner Party Box: $450

Unveil the art of hosting with Maure’s Dinner Party luxury gift box, an opulent array of essentials that turn any dining table into a masterpiece. Within this box lies our most exquisite offerings: a tailor-made horn serving dish, an artisan-crafted cheese board, and charming pewter rabbit salt and pepper shakers. Each item brims with a unique personality, making it a truly exceptional collection of gifts.

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4" Mini Chef's Knife $425

This exquisite 4" Mini Chef's Knife is the embodiment of culinary artistry and unparalleled craftsmanship. Designed and handmade in Los Angeles, CA, it boasts a hardened stainless steel blade and a beautifully sculpted, stabilized handle. The compact size fits perfectly in the wielder’s hand, making it a valuable tool for everyday use. This highly coveted, handcrafted knife is a luxury gift option, ideal for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Over Head Photo of Our Large Tan Leather Tray With Hand Stitched White Thread. Handles Are Rectangle Cut Outs On Each Side.

Leather & Cedar Tray: $420

Discover the allure of the Buffalo Horn Boat – an exquisite luxury gift choice. Imbued with timeless tradition, each piece is meticulously handcrafted from exquisite Indian buffalo horn, gracing interiors with unrivaled sophistication. Maure's eco-friendly ethos ensures these unique creations stem from sustainable sources, making this gift a statement of elegance and conscience.


Opaque Objects Candlestick: $273

The Opaque Candlestick is a striking example of exceptional design and quality craftsmanship. Created by designer Martin Bergström in collaboration with Opaque Objects, this candlestick is a true work of art. Made from 100% polished brass, it exudes grace and refinement, while the attention to detail is evident in every curve and crevice. This piece would make a fitting addition to any home, adding a touch of timeless elegance.


Gardening Gift Box: $365

Unleash their inner botanist with Maure’s Gardening Gift Box – a bundle of tools and treasures that will make every garden flourish. With items spanning from useful tools like shovels to charming bouquet totes and even featuring the whimsical touch of the "Of Naked Ladies and Forget-Me-Nots" book, the Gardening Gift Box is a standout choice for distinctive retirement gifts. A versatile option, it's not only great for retirees but also doubles as a fantastic congratulatory gift for any celebration.


The Hemingway Set: $285

Cheers to the life of luxury with the stunning Hemingway Set. It’s designed to elevate the home bar experience for the discerning gentleman. Featuring Leo Robitschek's award-winning cocktail program captured in the Nomad Cocktail Book, this is a treasure trove of new cocktail creations that will impress and delight any guest. The inclusion of a leather martini shaker and a set of coasters add an air of sophistication to this remarkable gift set.


Karui Large Tray - Taupe Grey: $250

The Karui Large Tray, designed by GamFratesi, is an exquisite piece that perfectly illustrates Skultuna's classic technique. The beautiful tray is masterfully assembled using premium quality materials, including the finest Swedish leather from Tärnsjö. For under $500, it's a high-end gift option that's sure to impress. A gift that's sure to delight for years to come.

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Italian Leather Wine Tote & Coaster Set: $225

Make a toast to new memories with the Italian Leather Wine Tote & Coaster Set. Crafted from exquisite repurposed Italian leather, the wine tote is not only stylish but also durable, ensuring the safe transportation of a prized bottle of wine. The coaster set, sleek and practical, is the best addition for any wine connoisseur. Combining beauty with functionality, these pieces make a statement while serving a purpose. 


Bonsai Green Hobnail Jug & Bowl Set: $260

The stunning Bonsai Green Hobnail Jug & Bowl Set is just the pick for anyone who appreciates style and charm in their home decor. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted from crystal glass, giving it a luxurious and timeless appeal. The rich green hue of the hobnail design is simply breathtaking, making it a real statement piece that will elevate any tablescape to new heights.


Resort Box: $285

Share the beauty of relaxation and inspire dreams of their next getaway when gifting the Resort Box. This luxury gift box includes a canvas beach tote, a lightweight linen towel, and a comfy cushion, all made from premium materials and designed to withstand sun, sand, and water. Moreover, for those who prioritize environmental responsibility, every item within this relaxation gift set has been sourced ethically and crafted from renewable or recycled materials.


The Revival Set: $210

The Revival Set is the epitome of luxury and refinement. With its hobnail glass jug, birchwood tray, chopping board, and birchwood coaster set - every piece in this set exudes sophistication and class. These carefully curated items are not simply practical decor accents but coveted objects of artisanal beauty. Whether hosting a dinner party or simply adding fun eccentric pieces to your kitchen and dining experience, the Revival Set is sure to impress. It is an ideal gift for the discerning homeowner who appreciates exquisite handcrafted pieces.

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