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Luxury Gifts Around $100

The Art of Gifting on a Budget

Finding that perfect gift for the special people in life can be a challenging task, especially when shopping on a budget. Thankfully, with some creative ideas and thoughtful planning, the team at Maure can help select something memorable without breaking the bank. Here is a curated list of our favorite luxury gifts for under $100.  Explore and find something special for any occasion while sticking to a budget – let us help you master the art of gifting!

Linen Discovery Set: $40

The Discovery Linen set, a budget-friendly gem from Maure, makes for a splendid gift choice. Enclosed within this carefully curated gift box are four enchanting linen sprays from Casa Posta. Each scent boasts its own mood-setter, creating a welcoming ambiance that is ideal for cozy nights in. It’s a superb option for client gifting.

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Candle Discovery Set: $90

Ever wondered how it would feel to explore a world of luxurious aromas in one beautiful package? The Candle Discovery Set from Casa Posta is here to impress. Presenting an assortment of five uniquely scented votive-size candles, this curated gift set comes packed with love, making it a perfect under $100 gift. Can't wait? Light up someone special's life with utmost elegance!

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a brass heart shaped object on a white background

Large Brass Heart: $80

Open hearts and minds with a delightfully timeless gift. Behold the Large Brass Heart, a masterpiece forged from the finest brass. This heart-shaped sculpture epitomizes artistry, radiating elegance and refinement. The golden hue imbues warmth and opulence, making it a flawless decorative piece for any setting. A true testament to craftsmanship, a gift of timeless beauty.

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Buffalo Horn Boat: $90

Discover the allure of the Buffalo Horn Boat – an exquisite luxury gift choice. Imbued with timeless tradition, each piece is meticulously handcrafted from exquisite Indian buffalo horn, gracing interiors with unrivaled sophistication. Maure's eco-friendly ethos ensures these unique creations stem from sustainable sources, making this gift a statement of elegance and conscience.

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A sleek, gold-colored bottle opener with a fluid, kidney-shaped design and a circular opening on one end. Engraved on its surface is the text 'Skultuna 1607', indicating the brand and its founding year. The bottle opener is presented on a white background, with a reflective surface that accentuates its metallic sheen and elegant curves.

Barbara Bottle Opener: $95

Unveil the exquisite "Barbara" brass bottle opener, a creation by renowned designer Thomas Sandell. Elevate your gifting game with this practical yet luxurious gem that harmonizes quality and affordability. Its sophisticated design elevates any occasion, making it an irresistible choice for a distinctive and memorable gift that's sure to impress.

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Figuera Candle: $90

Elevate gifting with the Figuera Candle, a delicate blend of coconut and apricot scents. Its meticulously crafted blend of botanical waxes ensures skin safety, biodegradability, and a vegan, non-toxic experience. Encased in a lavish glass vessel, this candle exudes sophistication. Unveil it from its 100% eco-friendly packaging for a truly special gift that's as conscious as it is enchanting.

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Vegan Leather Journal: $65

Elevate a home office with the Hemincuff Collection's vegan leather journal and bookmark set from Maure. A gift designed to ignite creativity and enhance schedule organization. Crafted from sustainable vegan leather, this stylish journal offers durability for travel and everyday use. A reasonably priced luxurious choice, celebrating the hard-working professional.

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Lava Rock Diffuser Kit: $70

For the ultimate low-cost luxury gift for that special real estate closing, why not explore the Lava Rock Diffuser Kit? Drawing inspiration from the Canary Islands' breathtaking landscapes and aromas, this timeless and opulent creation pays homage to nature. Make any house feel like home with the option to mix and match four distinctive scents – Oakmoss, Jasmine, Neroli, and Fig. Everything comes packaged in a beautiful box – making it an ideal touch of thoughtfulness when presenting a set of closing gifts. Homeowners will be sure to savor moments of serenity as this diffuser crafts an inviting atmosphere every time it's used.

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Paper Incense Set (Sleep): $52

The HaKo Paper Incense Set is a one-of-a-kind gift choice curated for mindfulness, focus, and tranquil sleep. Unlike the original Ha Ko collection, this special edition combines meticulously selected scents to promote relaxation and sleep. Serving as both fragrant potpourri, diffusing scent for three months, or as an incense, purifying spaces in a seven-minute burn, it’s a versatile and unique gifting choice.

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The Olfaction Trio: $92

The Olfaction Trio gift set offers a unique blend of value and elegance, making it an excellent budget-conscious choice. Comprising premium incense, a meticulously handcrafted incense holder, and a beautifully designed set of matches, it's a thoughtful present that brings both delightful scents and aesthetic charm to any occasion.

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Large Push Bowl: $60

The Large Push Bowl by Fundamental Berlin embodies geometric and architectural elegance. This exquisite design comes in gold or silver coloring and makes a perfect office gift, offering a touch of luxury to any space while accommodating a limited budget. Practicality meets artistry, providing a meaningful addition to the workspace. It’s a wonderful selection for those seeking both beauty and value.

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Leather Coaster Set: $75

Experience the sophistication of the Leather Coaster Set, a Maure exclusive. Handcrafted from premium Italian leather, each set boasts two coasters in elegant black or rich cognac coloring, effortlessly complementing any décor. A luxurious touch for an office or home space within a reasonable price range.

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Chasing Flavor Kitchen Set: $118

Experience the perfect fusion of culinary excellence and indulgent comfort with our exclusive gift set. Let the recipient immerse themselves in the world of renowned chef Dan Kluger through a personally signed copy of his James Beard Award-winning cookbook. This set goes beyond recipes, featuring an exquisite exotic wood spatula for culinary adventures and a charming striped Turkish towel for style and utility. Elevate the kitchen gifting game with this tasteful ensemble that offers exceptional value and joy.

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Beetle with Hidden Storage: $92

A hidden gem of luxury at an enticing price point, this is a perfect gifting choice for those with a taste for the eccentric or a whimsical addition for kids. With Keith, every glance becomes a playful adventure, adding character to any space. It’s a charming gift choice as unique as its recipient.

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Vin Two Bottle Wine Tote: $60

From picnics to parties, our canvas wine tote is a trusted companion. This versatile tote embodies both practicality and luxury, an excellent fit for any shopping budget. Made from eco-friendly canvas, this reusable tote means they can ditch the paper bag.  Sharing moments of indulgence has never been easier.

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Bouquet Tote: $54

The Canvas Bouquet Tote is a chic and trendy gardening gift, offering both style and practicality. An eco-friendly choice, it adds a touch of chic elegance to any occasion while reducing waste. A sustainable gift that will help their passions bloom.

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Pink & Yellow Flip Vase: $60

Discover the Pink and Yellow Flip Vase, a vibrant art deco gift that harmonizes mouthblown glass with trendy pink and yellow hues. With exquisite coloring, this vase beautifully uplifts interior design, adding a touch of vintage style. It is a fantastic choice, offering an affordable luxury item to enhance any space.

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