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Chasing Flavor - Revolutionary Cook Book for Home

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Experience cooking like never before as recipients discover how to layer flavors in every dish. Chasing Flavor by Dan Kluger is more than a book; it’s a masterclass in cooking that would make for one of the most incredible gifts to showcase appreciation for friends and loved ones. The book, signed by the award–winning chef himself, comes paired with a recycled vegan leather bookmark, making this an ideal thank you. 


7.94 x 1.02 x 10 inches



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Say Thank You With Class

For anyone who loves to cook or wants to break into the world of home chefs, “Chasing Flavor” is a must-have guidebook offering 190 recipes that have become beloved by foodies around the world. Develop a world-class palette to master both technique and flavor through homemade pantry items, vegetable mains, meats, and grains. With Chasing Flavor’s use of sustainable ingredients and supportive meal-building principles, readers gain flexibility and innovation as they improve their culinary skills. Whether this bundle is used as part of a gift set for a new homeowner or presented as a unique standalone present to say “thank you,” it's sure to be appreciated by seasoned chefs and chefs en herb alike.