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Ceramic Incense Holder

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Designed by our favorite Brooklyn-based visual artist, Fernanda Uribe. A stylish way to burn your favorite scents, this upcycled clay incense holder is hand-sculpted and hand-painted, making each piece unique.


3"L x 2"W



Care Guide

Wash surface with warm and soapy water. Hand wash only. Non-dishwasher safe.

Product Disclaimer

All of our ceramics are sculpted and painted by hand and intentionally organic in shape. Each item is completely unique and naturally varies in size, color, shape, and texture.

Safety Disclaimer

Always place on a stable heat resistant surface. Make sure no flammable items such as curtains or books are near the incense. Wait until the ash has completely died out before touching to clean up. Do not leave burning incense unattended. Do not move the incense once lit. Ensure incense is placed out of reach of children, pets and away from draughts. Burning incense will create smoke: please ventilate the space after use.