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Small Pixi Wood Knife - Luxury Housewarming Kitchen Essentials

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Introducing the Small Pixi Wood Knife, an exquisite kitchen accessory crafted from sustainably-harvested wood from the heart of the Guatemalan jungle. The ideal addition to a luxury set of gifts for a new home - the locally-sourced wood is treated with all-natural processing methods to ensure durability and strength while preserving each piece's unique texture and grain. As such, no two pieces are ever exactly alike. 


8.5”l x 1.25”w


Exotic wood

Care Guide

Gently wash knives with mild water and soap. Dry promptly.

Product Disclaimer

All products are hand crafted using natural wood materials, no item will look the same because of this.

Safety Disclaimer

Give the Gift of Sharpness

Each item is hand-crafted and hand-finished in Peten, Guatemala, according to traditional artisanal techniques that have been used for generations. The timeless nature of this piece makes it an attractive option for a kitchen set of housewarming gifts for clients. The Small Pixi Wood Knife is designed to bring practical elegance to any kitchen prep experience. Its lightweight design makes it comfortable to use in fine cutting and dicing, while its sturdy construction and sharpness will ensure efficient culinary performance. Break it in for a housewarming celebration that will help clients welcome loved ones in luxury. Make food creation more than a task - make it a work of art with the Small Pixi Wood Knife.