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Paisley Floral Narrow Tray

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Paisley Floral Narrow Tray vibrant patterns, full of colors and movement, bring these intricate paisley illustrations to life. The rich tones create a stunning graphic contrast against the majestic peacock, delicate florals and butterflies in yellows, reds, oranges, greens and pinks. An evocative a wonderous world comes to life on a Paisley pink and soft green background. Made in Sweden, this decor delight is designed to be delicate and different.


10.5" x 5"


Natural Birch wood.

Care Guide

Hand wash and dishwasher safe on a gentle cycle. Can be cleaned under running water but please do not submerge in water.

Product Disclaimer

Birch Veneer with a durable high-quality melamine coating for stain-resistance.

Safety Disclaimer

Safe to use with food.