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Lao Market Net Bag

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The Lao Market Eco-Friendly Mesh Net Bag the perfect zero-waste produce bag for the farmer's market or grocery store. It is remarkably lightweight and compact and stretches to gently cradle your fruits and vegetables. 

Lao Market Bags are made using JungleVine® Fiber, Earth friendly because of its carbon-negative (net zero) impact. The fiber comes from a vine (Pueraria phaseoloides) that is a self-renewing resource. Like all plants, it converts carbon dioxide to oxygen, but unlike all plants, it also fixes nitrogen from the air and improves the soil where it grows, healing the soil on damaged sites and creating an ecosystem ideal for the return of insects and birds to once-desolate sites. Khmu artisans who harvest the vine to make bags never over-harvest, allowing the vines to regrow, which they do rapidly. The vine grows without cultivation, irrigation, or chemicals which makes it far superior to cotton tote bags.

Lao Market Bags now have larger, more comfortable handles made using a back-strap loom. These bags are stretchy, strong, and durable. You'll want to take one with you everywhere you go. 



Indigenous Khmu artisans gather JungleVine® (Pueraria phaseoloides) from the forests around their villages, strip the pulp from the fibers, spin them by hand and tie them into bags. JungleVine® grows without cultivation, irrigation, or chemicals. It improves the soil where it grows and purifies the air, making it beneficial to the planet at large. Nature Bags are the most eco-friendly bags on Earth. Pahk bags feature undyed JungleVine® fiber in natural rich earth tones.

Pahk bags, unlike most other Nature Bags, come in a broader range between fine weave and coarse weave. Finer weaves look delicate but are extremely strong. JungleVine® fiber, whether spun fine or coarse by Nature Bag artisans, is remarkably durable and stretchy.

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