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Hobnail Votive - New Home, New Beginnings

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Introducing the Hobnail Votive: an exquisite piece of timeless elegance that adds a touch of sophistication to a real estate gift set. Meticulously crafted in glass with rare attention to detail, this votive is ideal for enhancing intimate dinners and special occasions. Made from beautiful glass in a classic hobnail design, this votive is designed to fit both a taper candle and tea lights.


3" D x 4" H



Care Guide

Hand wash only. Wash surface with warm and soapy water.

Product Disclaimer

Safety Disclaimer

Never burn a candle completely. Dispose of candle with it burns to within 1/2" of its base or the holder. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Give the Gift of Light

Whether looking to add a splash of luxury to a new home gift box or seeking to impress VIP clients, the Hobnail Votive is a must-have addition. With its timeless design, this votive makes a luxurious statement and is sure to be admired by guests and visitors alike. An ideal addition for anyone seeking to give their home an opulent feel, the Hobnail Votive brings uncompromising elegance and beauty wherever it goes. Trust us when we say that real estate clients will not be disappointed by this striking piece from Maure Luxury Gifting Company.