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Cactus Puzzle Cardholder | Allegorie

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Compact cardholder with geometric design, crafted from natural cactus and plant-based materials. This unique cardholder is all you need for a quick errand, with just enough space for an ID, cash and ATM cards. The sleek appearance will also complement any outfit. 


4" L x 2.8" H



Care Guide

Use only water-based solutions to clean the materials. Do not use solvents such as alcohol, acetone, paint thinner, bleach, oil, vinegar, or waxes, as these will cause permanent damage to the material.

For spills or stains, remove as quickly as possible with a cotton cloth damped in water. If the stain remains, damp the cloth with some highly diluted soap water. Simply tap the area of stains and avoid rubbing the material. Dry the surface with a dry white cotton cloth.

Product Disclaimer

Safety Disclaimer