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Executive Luxury Gift Guide

Show appreciation for hard work and lasting loyalty with a luxurious corporate gift. Finding corporate gifts for him has never been easier with this comprehensive luxury gift guide. Whether he’s the CEO or a colleague, Maure offers unique and sophisticated men’s gift sets that are certain to wow and dazzle even those with more discerning tastes. 

Our Corporate Luxury Executive Gift Guide is here to provide ideas and notions on being different in choosing a gift for someone special in the office. These meaningful keepsakes signify important moments in his career path or elegant comforts he'll appreciate at his desk. Shop from this exclusive selection today if you’re looking for an executive-level gift that any stylish man in the workplace will surely appreciate!

Hemincuff Collection

Corporate buyers looking for the perfect luxury executive gifts need look no further than the Hemincuff Collection. This collection of rare and unique gifts suits any man's needs with a range of stylish and practical office items. Whether looking for something to show off his stationery, enjoy his morning coffee without a mess or just add some flair to his home office, the Hemincuff Collection has everything needed for a curated men’s gift set.

This luxury executive gift set features a variety of items that will find their place in any home office setting, from vegan leather journals and bookmarks to origami catchalls and pen holders. Let's explore some of these must-have items.


Vegan Leather Coasters

Help him enjoy his morning coffee, afternoon tea, or cocktail hour mess-free with these sustainable vegan leather coastersfrom the Hemincuff Collection. These coasters are stylish and practical - elegant enough to stand alone as decor but durable enough to be used daily. Not only are they functional, but their sleek design complements any décor style making them an ideal office gift for him.

This luxury executive gift set features a variety of items that will find their place in any home office setting, from vegan leather journals and bookmarks to origami catchalls and pen holders. Let's explore some of these must-have items.


Vegan Leather Journal & Bookmark

What better way to keep track of all his revolutionary thoughts and ideas than with a journal? For those who prefer pen and paper over digital writing, this journal, made from sustainable vegan leather, is sleek and sturdy enough for daily use. Better yet, this journal comes with an accompanying bookmark, so he never loses his place when writing or reading. Perfect for jotting down notes or recording meeting minutes at work, or just writing down some creative ideas during his downtime at home, this journal is sure to make an impression wherever it goes!


Origami Catchall

This tray is perfect for any home office desk or entryway table and serves as a chic multipurpose container. Crafted with recycled vegan leather and origami folding techniques, this catchall is both an elegant centerpiece and a functional storage solution. The multi-purpose nature of this tray means that it can be used in countless ways, from holding keys and wallets to pens and post-its. It's also small enough to fit into most drawers or on shelves, making it an ideal space-saving solution.


Exotic Wood Desert Coaster Sets

If you’re shopping for unique corporate luxury gift ideas, look no further than these tiger wood & mahogany desert coasters – perfect for making long-lasting memories! Add them to your gift boxes for employees and show them how much you appreciate the hard work they put in! Perfectly sized for drinks, these corporate luxury gift items make great office gifts for him. This two-pack of coasters can be enjoyed during a special celebration shared with friends or family when paired with a cup of coffee or a snack. This exclusive gift set of Tiger Wood Desert Coasters is designed to make special moments even more memorable!


Large Push Bowl: $60

The Large Push Bowl by Fundamental Berlin embodies geometric and architectural elegance. This exquisite design comes in gold or silver coloring and makes a perfect office gift, offering a touch of luxury to any space while accommodating a limited budget. Practicality meets artistry, providing a meaningful addition to the workspace. It’s a wonderful selection for those seeking both beauty and value.

Leather Coaster Set: $75

Experience the sophistication of the Leather Coaster Set, a Maure exclusive. Handcrafted from premium Italian leather, each set boasts two coasters in elegant black or rich cognac coloring, effortlessly complementing any décor. A luxurious touch for an office or home space within a reasonable price range.

Brass Box - Play

Crafted with care, this bespoke brass box is an ideal accessory for the corporate elite. The three distinct designs draw inspiration from a camera's buttons and are perfect for safeguarding precious items or jewelry at home. An ideal addition to any corporate luxury gift set, these unique boxes make a thoughtful present for him in this work-from-home era.


Push Bowl Trio Set

Made from flat metal plates, the push bowl trio set can easily be formed with the gentle pressure of the fingertips alone to create lovely vessels – great for storing jewelry, keys, and coins. With gold and silver versions, there is something for everyone for that special gift occasion. The push bowls' lightweight construction makes them an ideal addition to a curated gift box for employees both near and far away.


Honom Multitool

Set high standards with a practical office gift for him. Introducing the multitool honom - designed by the Spanish brand DOIY, this handy multitool comes with all the essentials, including a set of hex keys, flat and cross-point screwdrivers and spanners made from durable aluminum and steel. The gold finish's elegance will remind him of your unique thank you gift whenever something around his home office needs tweaking.

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