Luxury Men’s Gift Set:

For The Unique Men On Your Shopping List

Shopping for a special gift for the distinguished man in your life? You could go for the expected and purchase him a new generic gift – but why not treat him to an exclusive luxury gift box instead? If you're searching for truly refined gifts that accentuate his personal style, then this men's gift set is precisely what you need. From unique pieces, he can use daily to luxurious additions that upgrade his home decor, these carefully chosen items are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of men and create cherished memories that will last long after the wrapping paper has disappeared.

This gift guide contains a multitude of unique thank you gifts so that you have everything needed to create an unforgettable experience that is sure to put a smile on his face. Most of the items below are ethically made from either renewable or recycled and repurposed materials as per Maure's mission. With carefully curated gift boxes thoughtfully assembled into one stylish package, this guide makes it easy and convenient to give your favorite guy an impressive present he will appreciate.

Game Night Box

When it comes to gifts for a game night host, the Game Night Gift Box set is an attractive choice. From the carefully chosen items within this curated collection to the stylishly wrapped and sustainably packaged box, this luxury gift set will help take game nights to the next level. Aptly curated with sophistication and class in mind, the wide-ranging contents of this box will create lasting memories. As one of the top men's gift sets on the market, make sure to give this beautiful collection of unique thank you gifts to your favorite game night enthusiast.

Carefully curated items are included to create the perfect evening, and each box is made with sustainability in mind. From custom vegan leather coasts to ethically-sourced coffee, this unique gift set will leave an impression of luxury and class that can't be matched! With the Game Night Gift Box, you'll make sure your host knows they are appreciated for the fun and excitement they bring to those around them.

Our game night gift box includes the following:

  • Vegan Leather Coasters - Sheek set of 6 coasters to protect surfaces in style
  • Rosemary Forest Candle - A mild forest scent to help set the mood
  • Character Matches - Adorable designer matches with unique artistic packaging
  • Travel Speaker - A pocket-sized speaker to keep the music going all night
  • Premium Playing Cards - Premium playing cards embossed with gold leaf to step up
  • Mini Push Bowl Trio - Shiny decorative bowl set perfect for storing small items
  • The Nomad Cocktail book - Impress guests with these creative cocktails
  • Pheasant Picks - Unique pewter picks ideal for serving party hors d'oeuvres
  • House Blend Coffee - Keep the energy flowing with Lone Oak’s award-winning coffee
  • Figuera Linen Spray - Keep furniture smelling fresh and clean with this luxury linen

This gorgeous blue crystal set is crafted out of hand-blown glass. It features hobnail detailing that reflects the light in a mesmerizing way. The deep blue color is easy to match with other dinnerware, and the intricate hand-crafted detailing gives off a sentimental quality akin to an antique heirloom passed down through the generations. 

Home Bar Gifts:

Make your next dinner invitation an occasion to remember with Maure's Hemingway luxury home bar gift set. Designed for the man of refined taste, this set contains exquisite pieces such as a leather coaster set and Leo Robitschek’s award-winning Nomad Cocktail Book that will surely delight and impress any recipient. Perfect both as entertaining items or stylish home decor, make sure you don't overlook this classic showcase of home bar gifts.

Leather Wine Tote

Upgrade game nights or his home bar collection with Maure’s chic Italian leather wine tote, the perfect addition to a luxury gift box. This sleek and stylish way of carrying any sized wine bottle provides sophistication. At the same time, its built-in handles make transportation effortless - making it easier than ever to make an impression at gatherings. Enjoy elevated elegance without compromising on practicality when you include this accessory in your curated collection!

Interior Decor Must-Haves:

Upgrade any tablescape with the underlay black smoke hobnail jug & bowl set, a stunning interior decor piece that is perfect for gifting. It is meticulously crafted from crystal glass and features stunning smokey black hues and intricately embossed hobnail textures to enhance any tablescape - making for a truly remarkable statement piece.

Buffalo Horn Votive

Looking to make an extraordinary statement in his living space? Impart a lavish yet rustic feel to any room with this beautiful tea-light votive holder made from salvaged Indian buffalo horn. This unique piece offers a rare opportunity to enliven the atmosphere with a taste of original sophistication.

Perfect as an office gift for him, these votives make any area a captivating personal haven with this subtle piece that will bring out the nuances of the surrounding décor. Including one of these votive holders as a decorative piece in your curated men’s gift will help, inviting an aura of warm and sophisticated grace into every room.

Practical Gifts for Him:

Give him the gift of morning excellence with this stunningly designed Maure coffee scoop set. With a hand-carved scoop sourced from the Petén forest, this top-notch office gift for him exudes a luxurious vibe. It provides exact tablespoon measurements so he can get his perfect pick-me-up every time! Paired with Lone Oak's delicious award-winning house blend coffee, it is an excellent choice as a practical office gift for him. The ethically-sourced coffee blend will help fill any space with inviting aromas and remind him daily how much you care.

Casa Posta's Candles

Give the gift of relaxation and sustainability by adding one of Casa Posta’s popular botanical wax candles to your contemporary, curated men's gift set. Available in scents like petitgrain or pamplenuit, these candles are made with skin-safe wax blends and essential oils. Housed in a heavy glass vessel with flat weave cotton wicks, these candles’ delicate scents are presented elegantly in an environmentally friendly box - perfect for any special occasion.

The scents consist of a blend of coconut and apricot fragrances that add a subtle note of warmth to any room. Their classy design and elegant fragrance make them an easy choice as an office gift for him.

Vegan Leather Journal & Bookmark:

Treat the man in your life to a functional and fashionable vegan leather journal and bookmark. For the modern writer, our stylish journal is a practical gift to commemorate his self-expression. This high-quality piece is crafted from sustainable vegan leather and is perfect for daily writing or documenting faraway journeys. Available in various colors - black, terracotta, or blue - it's both sleek and sturdy, making it the ideal office gift for him. Best of all - there is a complimentary bookmark as part of the set!

  • Brass Boxes:

    These delightfully versatile brass boxes add a touch of whimsy to your luxury gift box! Taking inspiration from a camera's stop, play, and record buttons, each one offers handy storage for all sorts of trinkets. Perfectly sized and shaped for jewelry or other small items that tend to get misplaced often, adding one is sure to bring joy and orderliness into the home office! These brass boxes are an entertaining gift option that he’ll be proud to display.

  • Multitool Honom

    Make your men’s gift set truly special with the multitool honom from Spanish brand DOIY. This luxurious golden multitool is not only eye-catching but functional too! It comes with all the essentials he’ll need for everyday maintenance and home improvement tasks - hex keys, flat and square screwdrivers, as well as spanners made of aluminum and steel. Give a lasting reminder of appreciation. After all, nothing says "thank you" like practicality meets elegance!