Noel Veloz


Noel Veloz was born on March 9, 1991 in New York and grew up in the Bronx . He has successfully established himself as a force within the fashion world. The creator of HEMINCUFF, a luxury vegan accessories line, Noel regularly crafts exceptional bags for Hollywood and music celebrities and top CEOs. He is famous for his unique work and has earned himself a name for being a designer who is not afraid to experiment and break fashion stereotypes. We carry several of Noel’s designs including the gorgeous vegan leather coaster set in the Game Night Box.

Fernanda Uribe

Fernanda Uribe is a visual artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Through her paintings, sculptures and installations, she weaves an exploration of her Mexican-Cuban identity as inspired by a deep connection of ancient artifacts, mythologies and nature’s fragile but perfect harmony. Her slow, but thoughtful, technique of hand-sculpting, etching and painting mimic the natural process of metamorphoses and decadence, infusing an omnipresent sense of life into her work. We carry several of Fernanda’s pieces both in our boxes and on the Marketplace. Find her hand sculpted and painted vases in the Welcome Home Box.

Alex Dabagh


Alex is a second-generation leather smith and designer behind New York’s own, Made by Alex. He has been crafting leather premium goods for some of the most notable fashion houses in the oldest leather factory in New York City. The factory was started by his father, forty years ago after immigrating from Lebanon. Maure’s founder, Maureen custom designed several leather pieces that Alex and his team handmade. You can find the beautifully made custom leather wine tote, placemats, coasters and planter in our Marketplace.

Taylor Ross


Bati Co-Founder Taylor Ross spent 2011-2014 in the verdant country town of Tobatí, Paraguay working as an English Professor and College Adviser at the Macchi School, a 7-12 high school for underprivileged youth in the area. In January 2017 he and lifelong best friend / hermano Jose Valladolid Jr. founded Bati together to provide more opportunities for the ambitious students of the Macchi School. All Bati goods are handmade by the artisans of Tobati with vegetable tanned leather only using organic ingredients. You can find Bati’s beautifully made leather goods in our Marketplace.