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Indulge in the art of well-being with our exquisite Wellness collection at Maure. Step into a sanctuary of tranquility, where luxury meets mindfulness. Discover the perfect gift of serenity as you ... Read More


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Whether a friend, a loved one, or a family member, our products are made so that anyone can create their own sanctuary. There's no better way to indulge in some well-deserved relaxation and self-care.

Ignite the senses with our extensive collection of incense. Let the fragrance fill the room, transforming any space into an oasis of calm. Each stick is handcrafted to release gentle aromas that uplift even the darkest mood, and promote balance and harmony within.

Whether the person you're shopping for likes the soothing notes of hibiscus, the sweet scents of vanilla, or the grounding smell of sandalwood, our incense selection offers an orchestra of fragrances that instill tranquility.

Discover the power of elderflower healing balms that nourish body and soul. These signature balms are enriched with botanical ingredients carefully selected for their therapeutic properties.

From chamomile that relaxes before bedtime to peppermint that offers a refreshing burst of energy, our balms tap directly into nature's beauty. The velvety textures melt away tightness and ease stress for good. Whoever's on the receiving end will be thanking you for a long time to come.

Elevate any self-care routine with our artisanal soaps, designed to cleanse every inch of skin. Find luxurious, biodegradable soaps crafted with gentle formulas that detoxify and moisturize, leaving skin soft and supple from the very first touch. Soap bars that transform bath time into a sensory escape, washing away the troubles of the day with the calming aroma of olive oil with invigorating notes of lemongrass, or the rich scent of coconut. No matter which one you pick, each soap offers a unique and memorable experience for the person using it.

This Zen selection has something for everyone – from bath fizzies to body cloths and beyond.

As you explore our store, you'll find that each product reflects our commitment to quality and satisfaction. We leave no stone unturned in sourcing our ingredients, focusing on natural and sustainable options that align with our values.

Our mission is to help those receiving our products find their center, and embrace moments of stillness in the middle of life's endless demands.

Feel free to shop around, and discover everything our Zen collection has to offer. With just a little bit of thoughtfulness, you can help those around you restore their balance.

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